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After a major revamp, redesign and general playaround, I've decided that the best way to bring the site up to date is to use this design. Sorry if your browser doesn't support Javascript or Frames, you should upgrade to Oregano or WebsterXL on RISC OS machines. PCs, destroy your copy of Internet Exploder and get something decent like Opera or Netscape.

The actual website now has been subdivided and as before, can be reached via the clickable links. All software on the site has been tested using Paul Vigay's VZap 1.36 program and as far as the program is concerned, is free of nasties.


OS4 logo With the advent of RISC OS 4, I've done a pile of tests and put the results up here. All software on this website has now been tested and the results are on the main download pages.

You'll also be possibly wondering why none of the pages carry the RISCOS Ltd logo, well, there is a reason. For the full story, see here

More software!

Deskopoly is here! The wonderful WIMP version of Monopoly has just been released and it's here, now, in the games section. Also available (at last!) is the OS 4 compliant version of Elite.


I don't normally link to other websites (other than when I have to or the RiscStation site), but today, after yonks of waiting, Cerilica have released Vantage - the Artworks stuffing beater outer. Having seen the demos, played with it and generally spend too long over it, I can honestly say that when the money is there, I'll be in line for a copy. Check it out NOW!

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All softare on this site has been checked for viruses using VZap 1.37, however, this does not mean that they are free of viruses which the Author was unaware of at the time of writing.

Acorn (or the companies who own the spoils of this once great computer producer), and RiscStation have nothing to do with either the operation or upkeep of this website. Any references made to them are purely as they deserve the credit.

All software not submitted to the newsgroups which is on this site is so with the permission of the author(s)


If a piece of software (such as VZap) is designated as Shareware (the software description will tell you this) then you should register the software. Failure to do so may result in the death of that piece of software as far as development goes.

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