A fair while back, I released !RMMCalc (still available from this site). While quite a nice program, it did have problems (like it was easily fooled and some of the logic was dodgy to say the least).

Well, due to popular demand (all 8 users = popular in my books!), I've decided to update the software in the same way that I updated the !LinReg application; a complete re-write in C, with a whole pile of extra features which were missing from the original, but is quite simple to add now that the software has gone through a re-design.

If you don't remember what the old version looked like, then here it is..... (ik!)

Quite awful eh!.

The user interface, while functional, was not very good. Type in the formula, press calculate and away it went. The software could not be configured to display to x decimal places, if you had more than one set of brackets in a formula, the software died and goodness help you if you typed a formula such as CuSO4.5H2O.Br (yes, I know you shouldn't.....). There was the other "interesting feature" - if you wanted the RMM of just one element, you had to enter it as (say) Cu1 and not just Cu.

With all that in mind, how will the new software look?

The software has to be considered in two bits - the mode selector and the actual calculator.


The mode selector alters the functionality of the calculator...

As you can see, there is plenty of choice there. If anyone has anything extra they feel would be useful, please let me know NOW as it's simpler to put functionality into software at the start of the programming process rather than at the end.....


The actual work horse - and boy, it does a lot!

Told you it had changed!


Probably back end of March - it's a big program with plenty which can go wrong. If you email me now, you can become a beta tester - though you must be prepared that fixes will come thick and fast (typically every night!). Updates will be sent by email and (unless otherwise stated) should be merged with the original version.


Nothing. Zilch. It's released in the same was as !LinReg2 was - Educationware. If you use it in an educational establishment, let me know (there are advantages).