viii : Technology Used

This document was entirely written on an Acorn BBC A3000 using Impression Style (the document processor), !Draw+ (structure of DiPC, adjusting the graphs, basically to smarten them up), !Schema (spreadsheet) and !GraphPro (graph producing package - the spreadsheet is a bit useless at this!).

At University of Salford, the computer used was a Hewlett Packard 286 connected to a H.P. Diode Array Spectroscope (HP 8542A) and HP DeskPlotter. It was set at a static reading of 540nm with a one second scan length. Software used : HP 8953/A UV/VIS O.S. Rev. A.03.00

At LJMU, the spectroscope was a Pye Unicam SP4-800. This manual spectroscope was set to scan between 800 and 290nm. The scan speed was 2nm sec-1 with the graph speed 10secs cm-1. The peak values were obtained at 540nm.

The HTML and subsequent versions have been created using TechWriterPro+ (6.05) on an Acorn RiscPC700.

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