Further work

The majority of further work on this project would involve the X-ray patterns of agar gels and from there determine exactly how the gel produces the "gaps" for compounds to be "kept" in.

Investigation using esr and nmr would be difficult due to the cost of the repair to any machine which may be damaged using the adduct. It would not be impossible as nmr machines have a jacket of liquid nitrogen (b.p. -160 C), however, it would be more than probable that there would be a swamping of the nmr spectra using 15NH3 as this would also have to be used as the solvent the NI3 is kept under.

The study into the bonding between the nitrogen and iodine and how bond energies of the adduct, the effect of hybridisation, effect of electron affinity and also ionisation potentials give the final delta Hdet could make for an interesting project in chemical modelling.