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Use this form to order a domain and hosting account, or alternatively e-mail your details or with any questions. All accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of suppliers, including Nominet's T&Cs for UK domains and the UDRP for ICANN domains.

Data submitted with this form will be e-mailed to with a copy to the address you provide (in field 1). Submitting the form will not automatically register your domain. Payment information for the option you select will be given after the form is sent. Your domain will be registered manually when payment is acknowledged, after which you will be able to use it within 24 hours.

Contact information for this order

This field is not disclosed to any third party, a copy of the data you submit with this order form will be e-mailed to you at this address.

Domain information

These fields are required by the registry and will be published in public whois data:

  1. (sending this form does not verify that the domain is still available, please make sure you have checked availability carefully yourself)

Postal contact for the domain

This field is required by the registry, but is not published by Nominet UK for personal domains; for non-personal or non-Nominet domains it is published in the public whois data:

Other contact information for the domain

These fields are required by the registry. They are not published for Nominet UK domains, but are published in the whois data for other domains:

Account options

There are no extra charges for these options. You are only selecting the initial setup, any option can be enabled at a later date simply by e-mailing your request.

  1. ready for me to upload my web site.

  2. SpamAssassin can be run in addition to DNSBL anti-spam features. You can have it turned on or off, or change the threshold, by e-mailing at any time in the future.

Payment options

The standard annual fee is currently £35 per account (and includes domain registration).

  1. Payment options:
    • Paypal (secure online payment, with debit or credit card)


Optional notes, special instructions, ssh key etc. They will be read before the domain is registered and payment accepted.