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The Acorn User Group Cracking Team


Welcome to the new Acorn User Group RC5/OGR Cracking Effort pages! As you can see, they're a great deal better than the previous pages. These pages are kindly being hosted by

The AUG cracking group are taking part in's cracking challenges, including the RC5-72 'brute force' challenge.

If you have never heard of before or do not know what the Acorn User Group cracking effort is, you may like to read the information page.

Advantages of joining the AUG

  • Firstly, and most importantly, you are supporting the Acorn community in getting Acorn computers more recognised around the globe. If we get higher in the charts, more people will recognise the name, and if we reach our goal of getting in the top 100, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will see our team in there every day.
  • If you wish, you can get daily or weekly statistics on how the Acorn User Group is doing, and the relative positions in the team for all members.
  • There is a mailing list (which is open to all Acorn users, not just AUG members), in which people can discuss any aspect of the client.
  • When completed, there will be a large database of all members in the team, and their information, such as each person's total keyrate and how many computers are being used.
  • When completed, there will be many graphs of team performance for you to look at.

Joining the team

If you decide to join the Acorn Users Group team, you can visit

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Last Update: 29th September 2005