Acorn Computers

Application name Version Loads Dies Works Saves Faster Notes
Browse 2.07 Y N Y Y Y
ChangeFSI 1.15S Y N Y Y Y
Chars 1.18 Y N Y N/A Y
Draw 1.12 Y N Y Y Y RISC OS 4 version
Edit 1.54 Y N Y Y Y
Help 3/07 Y N Y N/A Y
CloseUp 3.09 Y N Y N/A N/A
Maestro 2.13 Y N Y Y Y, screen updates
Paint 1.95 Y N Y Y Hardly OS4 vsn. see below
Printers 1.54 Y N Y Y Y Supports longfilenames
SciCalc 0.56 Y N Y N/A Y
Squash 0.49 Y N Y ? Y
RiscCafe 0.76 Y N Y N/A Y, alot Works fine
ARMovie Plays fine
ShockWave 4.1 Unable to test
Webcache 0.42 Y Works fine
MMPlayer 4.1 Unable to test
Connect 0.78 Y N Y N/A N/A
Patience Current Y N Y N/A Y
MineHunt 1.08 Y N Y N/A N/A Not sure if this by Acorn!
C / C++ 5.02 Y N Y Y Y As dodgy as ever ;-p
HDForm 2.50 Y N Y Y N/A
Verify Current Y N Y N/A N/A
ShareFS Current Y N Y Y Y May cause problems
Internet 5.04 Y N Y Y N/A
PC Card config 0.57 Y N Y Y Hardly
PCx86 1.91 N N N N N Machine hung (see below)
Advance (spreadsheet) 1.01 N N N N N Gives fatal = 5
Set Station 2.00/008 Y N Y N/A N Corrupts config when you set the Econet station number

PCCard software. According to RISCOS Ltd, the software should run with an amended !Run file (take out the line which loads !MemFix). I can't get it to run though. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU.

RISC OS 4 version is more probably by RISCOS Ltd!

According to the June edition of Acorn User, OS4 should increase the speed of the PC card by around 30%. I cannot verify this.

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