RISC OS wish list

This site is a wishlist for future versions of RISC OS. This site is the result of a newsgroup discussion, and contains wishes of RISC OS users.

All wishes are green, comments that explain why something is not possible or simply wrong are red. It is nearly uncensored, it is a kind of brainstorming, so you might find some wishes that are unrealistic. I think it is important to include impossible things here, so people know what can be done and what we will never see.

This list can be extended, use the forms to say what you would like to see in a next version of RISC OS or if you want to comment something, and show your support for an existing item by using the agree links.

Some of the ideas are available as PD progs. But if they are as useful that the majority of users loads them I think there is no reason not to implement them into the OS.

There is no connection to RISCOS Ltd. so don't think you will find ideas listed here in the next version of RISC OS although it might be possible.

Michael Gerbracht - admin
James Sears - database