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Software - Chemistry

!SparkPlug - David Pilling

This is the piece of kit needed to de-archive the files on this site

A-B-C - Chris Johnson

Series First Order kinetics, 37.1K

Energy - Chris Johnson

Translational and rotational energies and populations, 42.9K

Isomass - Chris Johnson

Isotope abundancies, 34K

Kinetic - Robert Seago

Kinetic energies of gases in a box, 33K

Molecule Demo - Roderick Ferguson

Minimum energy conformation of molecules - DEMO, 36.2K

MoleDraw - Simon Kilvington

Acorn version of the popular structure drawing program, 337.2K

MolWeight - Chris Johnson

RMM Calculator, 35.9K

ORTEP 3.1 - Kate Crennell (porter)

Acorn port of the Oak Ridge Thermal Eliptoid Program, 307.9K

Periodic - Chris Johnson

Periodic table. Contains properties of elements, 39.4K

RASMOL - Martin Würthner

Acorn version of the molecular modeller and displayer package, 234.9K

RMMCalc - Paul Johnson

RMM Calculator. Requires the WimpBasic modules, 18.8K (calc), 49.6K (module).

NEW VERSION - see here for more

Wave Function - Chris Johnson

Plots wave functions, 35.8K

Draw Chem - Stephen Brown

An alternative to MoleDraw. From what I've done with it, it is far more stable on my SARPC than MoleDraw. 41.5K

Element - Johnathan Rawle

A very nice element data program, has plenty of settings (inc. a quiz). 38.8K

Nucleus -

Gives plenty of information on the nucleus of an atom. 25K

Periodic Data - Terry Adams.

A versatile periodic data displayer. Includes atomic structure of elements and other useful information. 16.7K

Periodic - Chris Allen

A very well thought out and executed periodic data table. Quick and simple. First released by the now dead Archimedes World. 24K

Point charges -

Displays point charge energies within a molecular system. 24.6K

Structurer - Daniel Barron - An incredibly powerful piece of kit which will name a given compound when you create it on screen. Includes Java and BASIC versions. 126.1K



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