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Following directly on from the C from the Top series, these tutorials (currently being printed in Archive) are designed to take the user from not being able to program using the WIMP to being able to.

Based (roughly) on the Lee Calcraft book WIMP programming for all, this gives a ground up approach not seen for a long time.

This series could never have happened without the aid of Joseph Heenan who kindly proof read all of them for accuracy

NOTE : This series is incomplete and will be added to as and when editions are published. As they stand, the HTML is not that good and I will endevour to alter this shortly.

Let's go!

1 : Registation Time. Covers the different methods of calling SWIs and an understanding of the RISC OS WIMP environment.
2 : Let's make a start. Initialising the WIMP.
3 : Wimp Poll. The first of a few covering the polling routine in RISC OS.
4 : Boxing Clever. Creating and using a library and pseudo code.
5 : Let's make a start 2. Covers the window block and how to create a window from scratch.
6 : Taking a Poll. More on the Poll. This time, a giving the SWI Wimp_Poll a good seeing to.
7 : The reason why 1. Covers the first 6 (0 to 5) wimp_poll reason codes.

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