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Welcome to the Acorn Education website. The aim of this site is to establish a website for all education software for RISC OS machines, as well as (in part) for those who just wish to learn C and don't use a RISC OS machine (the shame!).

I actively welcome any comments you wish to make about the site (either specifically or in general) and if you know of any software which can be added, please let me know so I can put it up.

So what's here then?

As it stands, there is quite a fair bit. The site covers languages (computer and human), maths and chemistry. Also there is my BSc thesis (entitled Nitrogen Triiodide - the study and stabilisation of an explosive) and my HNC project report on Chromium in Water. The BSc thesis has been entirely produced using Icon Technology's superb !TechWriter Pro v5.04 with the HNC report using Impression II from Computer Concepts with post production using TechWriterPro+ v6.05. The HTML version was produced using it and cleaned up with v1.39B9 of !Zap. The gifs were converted using !InterGif by Peter Hartley with the imagemaps produced using Computer Concept's ArtWorks, Acorn Computer's !Draw and Imagen by Justin Fletcher.

RISC OS 4 compatibility

I am aware that due to the age of pieces of the software held on this site, that some will not be happy with RISC OS 4. In time, I hope to have all the software tested, but due to time problems (I have very little of it!), I cannot guarentee anything other than the software I have written.

A really useful link

Andrew Harmsworth has pointed a link to me which is of great use to students and teachers alike - it's the first (AFAIK) RISC OS education mailing list!. Take a look at for more details.

Coming soon....

Yup, software is being updated.... Look what's going on from here

On with the show

You can choose between seeing my thesis or the software - the choice is yours!

Jump to the BSc thesis, I wanna see it!

Nah, let's have a look at what he did on his HNC!

Gimme that there software

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