Internet hosting

Hosting accounts are available from for £35pa. The service is aimed at Acorn RISC OS users, but is of course standards compliant and can be used with any normal software.

Free FTP space is available to RISC OS freeware developers, and hosts several Acorn related web sites (requests will be considered).

Domain, e-mail and web hosting - £35pa

E-mail features

Web features

  • Web site at
  • Apache server with PHP
  • MySQL database
  • FTP and rsync/ssh uploads
  • Full logs
  • Web e-mail

With your own domain name, such as or, you are independent of any connectivity provider and have ultimate control over your e-mail addresses.

With an easy to use web interface you can set up new forwarding instructions, POP3/IMAP accounts, or even mailing lists @yourdomain, whenever you want. You can create addresses to use for different purposes or for family members, etc.

The annual fee of £35 includes domain registration and hosting charges - that is all you have to pay. The price is the same whether you choose a UK domain (, or an ICANN domain (com, org, etc.).

Please check if your UK domain is available at Nominet, or others at InterNIC and then return here to order your domain. Alternatively you can transfer an existing domain to your new account, the transfer will be arranged only once the account is active to ensure no interruption to service.

You must enter the full domain name, eg or on the forms for an accurate answer. But do not include www. or user@ or anything else other than the domain name.

Order now

Complete the order form and then send payment. Details of how to pay, via Paypal, will be displayed when you order. Your account will usually be active within 24 hours of payment.

Further details are available, and if you have any questions please e-mail

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