Internet hosting

Further information

All accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of suppliers, including Nominet's T&Cs for UK domains and the UDRP for ICANN domains. The number of mail accounts etc is not limited for normal use. Disk use should not exceed 5GB.

The main server runs Debian GNU/Linux. It has RAID-1 mirrored hard discs and a backup is updated daily. Other mail and DNS servers are used for increased performance and reliability.

IPSEC, ssh and sftp can be used for secure access to your account on the server, and telnet, POP3, IMAP and web mail services can be accessed via a TLS/SSL secured connection.

Single address forwarding accounts ( are no longer available to new users. Existing users can continue to use their addresses without further charges.

Anti-spam and anti-virus

Trusted mail servers are whitelisted, for other mail sources anti-spam blacklists (including SBL/XBL), are checked to protect your mailbox from spam networks and insecure proxies. In addition you can choose to have SpamAssassin reject or tag e-mail which contains content that is likely to be spam. The combination is very effective, even for e-mail addresses that are used in public and known to many spammers. Spam is rejected rather than dropped, so in the unlikely event of a false positive the sender will receive a bounce message and know to try again. A log of pre-DATA rejections (ie not virus or SpamAssassin) can be e-mailed to you each day, if required.

Suspect attachments are not accepted and ClamAV rejects mail that contains known viruses, worms and trojans (the database is updated several times a day). This is very good at blocking Microsoft viruses and mass mailing worms, but is not a substitute for local precautions.

The hosting account is designed to be a straightforward and reliable service and hopefully offers what you are looking for, however you may also like to check out other providers such as SCS, Pepperfish and Gradwell.

If you have any questions please e-mail

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