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    Acorn User Group team information

    What is the Acorn User Group

    In the RC5-72 contests, you are allowed to join what is known as a 'team'. Although you don't have to join a team, they exist to show group strength, to advocate a platform etc. The only disadvantage to joining a team is that a part of the prize money that would normally go to you will be split with your team.

    In the case of the Acorn User Group, it's main objective is to advocate the Acorn platform, and to get others to notice the Acorn platform. The main contact for this team is Ian Molton.

    How do I join the team??

    Before can recognise you, you have to have submitted at least one block to a 'keyserver'. After an average of 24 hours since you submitted your first block, you should receive an e-mail from telling you information on altering your user account.

    To join the AUG team, go to:

    Here, you should be asked for your username and password. The username is your e-mail address which is used for sending blocks and your password is the one allocated to you by If all goes well, a page should open confirming your team change.

    If you do not know your password, look up your participant information at and enter your e-mail address (cf 'Edit your information'). On this page, click on the button titled 'Please email me my password'. Within a few minutes, your password should arrive in your mailbox.

    Banners to use on your web page

    The banners listed below may be used on your web page only to link to this page if you wish. I would prefer if you copied the banners to your own site instead of using my site, as I have limited webspace bandwidth. The code you would have to use on your site is:
    <a href="">
    <img src="banner.gif" alt="Join the Acorn RC5 effort"></a>

    The animated banners are available for download from this site. There are five different banners, each varying in size. The largest is 116K and the smallest is 16K.

    1. huge.gif (116K)
    2. big.gif (96K)
    3. med.gif (75K)
    4. small.gif (35K)
    5. tiny.gif (16K)

    Alternatly, you can download them all in a ZIP archive from here.
    Last Update: 29th September 2005