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    The Acorn RC5 StatsBot

    Background information

    The StatsBot is a Python script. It is run automatically every two hours on my IYONIX pc and it creates the daily and weekly statistics which are e-mailed to members.

    How it works

    !RC5Stats fetches four pages:
    1. The AUG Summary page
    2. The AUG Members pages
    3. The 'top 100 teams of yesterday' page
    4. The 'Team listing by overal rank' page

    It then finds out information about the team, such as our position, how much we've gone up or down in the ranks and out position in the top 100. After that it displays where every member in the team is, how many blocks they've submitted, whether they've moved up or down within the team and how long they've been idle. It then sends the e-mails to all people subscribed to the relevant mailing lists.

    The Statsbot is a Python script that is run automatically every two hours to check whether it's time to compile the daily or weekly stats.
    Last Update: 29th September 2005