Archiving Software

OS4 happy All software here has been tested for RISC OS 4 compatibility and all has passed.

CFS Reader

Author : Computer Concepts
File size : 16.1K
Usage : Read only CC CFS file reader and dearchiver. Special needs : None


Author : Phil Norman
File size : 25.7K
Usage : Self extracting archive creator. Just drag the application to the iconbar sprite and leave the rest to Dicottery. Special needs : None


Porter : Kai Schlichting
File size : 132.5K
Usage : Front end and port of the GNUZip archiving software.
Special needs : None.


Porter : Sergio Monesii
File size : 269.1K
Usage : Port of the PD InfoZip software which creates PKZip (and SparkPlug!) compatible Zip archives. Runs from the command line or within a task window.
Special needs : None


Author : Paul Murphy
File size : 41.9K
Usage : Displays the contents of sparkives without dearchiving.
Special needs : None.


Author : Adam Hamilton
File size : 312.6K
Usage : Splits archives up so they will fit onto floppies. Also includes executables for PC as well as source files for plenty of other platforms.
Special needs : None.


Author : John Pettigrew - Front end
File size : 160K - includes ports of InfoZip
Usage : Nicely designed front end for Sergio's ports of InfoZip
Special needs : None.

Zip Expander

Author : ZMJA Group
File size : 90.3K
Usage : Expands zip files
Special needs : None.

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