OS4 okMr Matt

Author : Huib Verweij
File size : 27.4K
Usage : A desktop game inspired by the PC version of the same named game
Special needs : None
Note : Even though this software is down as being for the RiscPC/A7000 only, this is only due to the fact that the author has only tried it on the RPC. If anyone not using a RPC/A7000 can get it to work, then please tell me so I can correct this page.

OS4 okBunny Race

Author : Philip Mellor
File size : 545.4K
Usage : A scrolling platform game. Lot's of fun.
Special needs : None
Notes : Updated version as of 1.3.98


Author : Ian Bell
File size : 300K
Usage : This immortal game is now Freeware - from the BBC B to the RiscPC, with every stop inbetween. Just play it.
Special needs : StrongArm users should switch off the cache before running it
OS4 no goPinball Wizard

Author : Simon Smith
File size : 243K
Usage : A catchy little game with a great soundtrack. Fully modifiable. Keys are Z and / for the flippers and the mouse select button over the ball release does just that
Special needs : None
OS4 : Dies on loading

OS4 okZip2000

Author : Kevin Bracey
File size : 317.9K
Usage : Make sure that the filer has seen the !Zip2000 application, then double click on an Inform file. The archive also has a pile of utilities for Inform.
Special needs : None

OS4 okMoo

Author : R.R.Chasmer
File size : 112.4K
Usage : A seriously funny funny!. You must see it (and hear it) to believe it. I defy anyone NOT to laugh!
Special needs : Impression Style or Publisher / Pub+

OS4 okDilbert

RISC OS version : Paul Vigay
File size : 27.2K
Usage : Creates completely non-sensical company mission statements. Expect to see one at a company near you soon......

OS4 okSuper Methane Brothers

Author : Mark Page
File size : 670.5K
Usage : Um, it's a platform game with lots of power ups and nasties. If you've played the Amiga version, you'll know what this is!
Special needs : A minimum of 3Mb memory

OS4 okSuper Methane Brothers (source)

Author : Mark Page
File size : 914.7K
Usage : Source code for the Super Methane Brothers
Special needs : Acorn C++. It should be okay with g++, but has not yet been compiled with it

OS4 okDeskopoly

Author : Duncan Mortimer
File size : 798.5K
Usage : A lovely desktop version of the ever green classic, Monopoly.
Special needs : None

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