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OS4 happy All software here has been tested for RISC OS 4 compatibility and all has passed.

File size : 22.6K
Author : Alisdair McDiarmid
Usage : Front end for Peter Hartley's CLI program AADraw (included in the archive)
Special needs : None.


Author : Andre Timmermans
File size : 97.7K
Usage : A utility which handles multiple spritefiles better than paint.
Special needs : None

Random Backdrop Changer

Author : Ab Steeman
File size : 2.3K
Usage : Changes the backdrop by using the !Alarm app using the sprites of your choice
Special needs : Must have !Alarm running

New WimpBasicMultiShow

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size : 210.7K
Usage : Displays Gif, Jpeg, Sprite and Draw files in a carousel type routine. This version has a couple of small, but important bug fixes.
Special needs : The WimpBasic runtime modules. Software now happy on all versions of RiscOS 3.1+


Author : Paul F. Johnson

File size : 116K
Usage : Simply tonnes of sprites for software
Special needs : None.

Icon Extractor

Author : Humbug Software
File size : 84.1K
Usage : This program extracts the icons from PC files and saves them as RiscOS sprites
Special needs : None

New WimpBasicKwikJpeg

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size : 55.1K
Usage : A very small and simple jpeg viewer with optional scaler.
Special needs : Needs the WimpBasic runtime modules.

Sprite Extend Fix

Author : Nick Craig-Wood
File size : 1.3K
Usage : Fixes the Sprite Extend module so it will display progressive jpegs.
Special needs : RISC OS 3.5 or above

InterGIF and IGViewer

Author : Peter Hartley
File size : 65.4K
Usage InterGIF will convert from a single or series of draw/sprite files into a GIF/Animated Gif file. IGViewer allows these gifs/animated gifs to be viewed.

Smooth scrolling demo

Author : Peter Price
File size : 11.3K
Usage : A smooth window scrolling demo

Plot Sprite

Author : Daniel Moyne
File size : 51K
Usage : Two source files demonstrating how to plot sprites.


Authors : eQ R & D
File size : 282.1K
Usage : MPEG player with sound
Special needs : The new 32 bit modules from RISCOS Ltd

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