Internet Software

Internet software OS4 no goQuick IRC

Author : David Robinson
File size : 31.7K
Usage : A small and highly developed IRC package
Special needs : Normal internet software
OS4 : Gives Access Violation error

Voyager sprites

Author : Christoper Jarman
File size 12.4K
Usage : Replacement sprites for Voyager
Special needs : None

OS4 okNetUtils

Author : Paul Vigay
File size : 5.2K
Usage : This is a patch to load BorderUtil, NetUtil and FilerUtil
Special needs : None.

OS4 okANTUtils

Filesize : 161.6K

Author : Paul Vigay
Usage : These are a number of very useful add-ons to the ANT internet suite, which some say should have been there from the start!

Special needs : ANT Internet Suite.

Freeserve scripts

Author : Paul Johnson and Paul Vigay (amongst others!)
File size : 73.3K
Usage : Contained within are 3 scripts for using the Dixons free ISP (freeserve). They cover ANT, AcorNet and ArmTCP. One for Connect is being worked on
Special needs : AcorNet, ANT Internet or ArmTCP - please read the ReadMe1st file for installing

OS4 okAcorNet frontend

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size :
Usage : This is just a beta front end with no functionality. If you want to try it and send the author back some pointers and actually want him to continue with the project, please do!
Special needs : None.

OS4 no goSFTP

Author : Carol Carpenter
File size : 109.9K
Usage : This is a very simple, yet powerful ftp CLI software package. It contains clear and concise instructions for use.
Special needs : None.
OS4 : Fails to send or receive

OS4 okSocketeer

Author : Matthew Bloch
File size : 69.3K
Usage : Socketeer is an all purpose connector to the net. It basically guesses the protocol and does it damned well!. It is one of the few pieces of kit which is PD which can 100% connect to Freeserve!
Special needs : None.

OS4 okArcFixer

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size : 4.1K
Usage : Gets those corrupted downloads working again (for use when downloaded using a PC)

OS4 okSerialDev

Author : Hugo Fiennes
File size : 29.3K
Usage : Block drivers for devices using the serial port. Comes with SH manual.

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