OS4 happy All software here has been tested for OS4 compatability and all has passed.
Utilities SparkPlug v2.26

Author : David Pilling
Usage : Multiformat dearchiver
Special needs : None. This is a self extracting archive.

New WimpBasic Converter+

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size : 43K
Usage : Unit converter (eg grams to ounces etc). Now includes computer conversion factors
Special needs : WimpBasic runtime modules


Author : Spider Plant Breeding Program
File size : 10.6K
Usage : Sizevar is a small program to read OS Code variables which reflect the total size of and amount of free memory in various parts of the system.
Special needs : None.

New WimpBasic Calendar

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size : 22.4K
Usage : A conversion of an old Oric-1 program. This will display a calendar for any month. The month/year can be chosen on the menu or by using the arrow buttons
Special needs : WimpBasic runtime modules

New WimpBasicReadMe1st

Author : Paul F. Johnson
File size : 11.7K
Usage : This is a small app to get around finding all sorts of !ReadMe1st text files with software. Instruction on use are found when you run the software.
Special needs : WimpBasic runtime modules
Note : This can be run on less than a RPC/A7000. Inside the main directory is a folder called 256colours. Replace the sprites in the main app with those in the 256colour folder.


Author :
File size : 24K
Usage : An animated gif which everyone should be using
Special needs : None other than a website for it to go on!

Cassette inlay card producer

Author : P.F. Johnson
File size : 17.1K
Usage : A quick tape inlay card producer.
Special needs : WimpBasic runtime modules

Memphis and sources

File sizes 39.9K (application), 131.9K (sources and app)
Authors Brian Brunswick & Nick Smith. v2.12 P.F. Johnson
Usage : A far better RAM disc which uses the system sprite area rather than main RAM. It is also re-sizable. This version has been updated to allow the use of RISC OS 4 style sprites if you have an OS 4 machine.
Special needs : None.

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