Software submission

Why this page?

In response to a number of comments mailed to me from this site (mainly from UK university people), I have decided to put this page up to aid the easy submission to the c.b.a. or c.s.a. newsgroups.

How I'll do it

When you send the software via this site, it will come to me and I will email it on to the newsgroup moderator (well, see the bottom of this page for details on how to). It will then go onto the website and the newsgroup.


All software must be your own and you must have the legal right to submit it as such (you can't, say rip off someone elses work, change a bit of code and say it is your own).

The files should be uuencoded (I recommend Attacher by John Allen. It's very good!) and archived.

The software should be accompanied by some form of description about the software, which machine it is for and any restrictions on use (e.g. any RiscOS machine, not S.A. happy).

So, let's do it

Right, you can submit one of 4 ways :

Internet    Computer bits    Anti Virus    Disc Utilities    Utilities    Education    Games    Programming    Art software    Acorn Upgrades    GNU utilities

Email me