Out of desperation for a really good maths package which is pretty quick to use, I have ported Euler, an all singing, all dancing, internationally renowmned maths package. Included in there is also a StrongHelp manual.

Super Methane Brothers

A wonderful port of the Amiga game of the same name. Comes with the source (packaged separately due to size) - updated again, the third time in as many weeks!

FTP access

Anonymous FTP access in now available from You can now grab the whole site without having to access via the web!

Uploading files via FTP

These should be placed in the /pub/cbsa/incoming directory. You must then 100% email me to tell me this has been done and also if you have submitted it to the newsgroup. Don't worry if you haven't, I'll do this for you

Program submission page

Due to people having problems mailing to the c.{b/s}.a newsgroups, I've put this page up so that the submissions can be done from this site.

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